Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Christmas List for Class-Action Lawyers...

The following is a list of drugs most at risk for litigation (from drugintel.com):

Acutane (Roche-RHHBY-$106.60), Actos (Takeda), Adcon (Gliatech who sold assets to Wright Medical (WMGI-$28.24)), Arava (Aventis-AVE- $90.57), Arthotec, Cytotec (PFE and generics), Avonex (BiogenIdec-BIIB- $58.75), Baycol (Bayer-BAYZF $30.80), Cardura (PFE), Diprivan (AstraZeneca- AZN-$43.32), Enbrel (Amgen AMGN- $59.92), Wyeth-WYE-$40.68), Fen-Phen (WYE), Inapsine (Akorn-ARN- $3.99), Iressa (AZN), Lotronex (GlaxoSmithKline-GSK-$44.77), Lurpon (Abott-ABT-$44.49, takeda), Meridia (ABT), Mifeprex (Danco), Mirapex (PFE, Boehringher Ingelheim), Paxil (GSK), Prempro (WYE), Propulsid (Johnson & Johnson–JNJ-$61.16), Raplon (Organon), Refludan (Berlex), Reglan (generic), Requip (GSK), Serevent (GSK), Serzone (Bristol- MyesrSquibb- BMY-$24.31), Sporanox (JNJ), Viagra (PFE), Zerit (GSK).

The founder of our capitalist system was quite the hawk. Makes you wonder whether or not he really attempted to shoot Burr…

“To judge from the history of mankind, we shall be compelled to conclude that the fiery and destructive passions of war reign in the human breast with much more powerful sway than the mild and beneficent sentiments of peace; and that to model our political systems upon speculations of lasting tranquility would be to calculate on the weaker springs of human character.”
Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 34, January 4, 1788

Friday, November 05, 2004

A Response to Being Called a Liberal

Please stop personally attacking my character and drawing the incorrect inference that I voted for John Kerry. I didn’t, and I didn’t vote for Bush either. But if being a “liberal” means being a sane, logical individual by recognizing the arrogance and the failures of this administration, then please sign me up.

I would agree with you that the most pressing issue of this election is the safety and security of our country, and this can be realized by the defeat of the Islamic fundamentalists who seek to cleanse the world of us infidels. I’m also confident that America would agree to make sacrifices, such as paying higher taxes and driving more fuel-efficient vehicles, to ensure that our military has the proper resources to do whatever it takes to prevent another 9/11. In the Iraqi situation, the current administration has failed to make the sacrifices necessary to win the war, and that’s why they need to be replaced. I would argue that we are more at risk of an attack now than we were 4 years ago.

Lest we forget what Joe Fili has taught us- that man’s failure to recognize his own “hubris” consistently serves as his #1 demise. A president’s “hubris” during peace times is dangerous; during times of war it can be catastrophic. I know you’re smart enough to realize this. Why is any criticism on Bush’s handling of the war, is a direct criticism of the troops on the battlefield? Somehow, in the name of patriotism, we have made the expressing of criticisms unpatriotic. “What kind of message does that send our troops? When you call it wrong war, wrong place, wrong time?” Kerry was a moron for not pouncing on that question. All he needed to refute was, “It sends the message that you were wrong, Mr. president, but clearly you failed to recognize this then, and you fail to recognize this now. You gave them the command to go to war, you sent our troops overseas on the basis of WMD that DO exist but have now been dispersed amongst terrorist networks throughout the globe. And it was your myopic thinking that failed to account for this. We went to the right war, right place, right time with the wrong administration and the wrong amount of troops needed to get the job done.”

No one has been held accountable for some of the obvious failures on the war on terror, and this makes the world a more dangerous place. The jailing of Americans in Guantanemo Bay without proper prosecution is equivalent to the treatment offered the Shiites under Saddam’s regime. The inhumane treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib reduces us to the level of the savages. Yet, who was held accountable in these instances? What kind of message does this send the rest of the world, Mr. President?

In the article you sent me, “A View from the Eye of the Storm”, Haim Harari is correct to equate terrorism to a malignant tumor. The greatest fear of the surgeon when removing a tumor is having it spread to other parts of the body. Bush fails to recognize this. The administration claims we have captured or killed 75% of Al Qaeda. Please explain to me the mathematical equation implored to arrive at this number? Furthermore, if we know the exact number of terrorist operatives that exist, then why haven’t we brought them all to justice? The truth is- there are new operatives joining the ranks everyday as a result of the mismanaged war. They hate us even more and then hatred grows everyday. Anti-American sentiment is strong as ever, not only in the Middle East, but also the rest of the world. It will take decades to improve our image. You can forget about ever seeing a “pre-emptive” war again in our lifetime. And that’s why the world is a more dangerous place, and precisely why we need to start holding someone accountable.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Democracy is merely a way to establish and keep the pecking line in order. As Girdley says "It pretends to give power to the people, while really reserving the power for the ruling majority." Democratically-elected governments 'politic' to the ideals of the ruling majority who elect them.

Nothing changes no matter who wins the presidency.
They are both pro-war in Iraq. Under Bush, there will be no more "pre-emptive" wars- I'm sure the ayatollah in Iran is ecstatic.
They are both for reforming Medicare and entitlement benefits- differences purely strategic.
They are both in favor of education reforms- Kerry merely adding incentives to teachers in Bush's No-Child Left Behind Act.
They are both liberal spenders. They are both detested by 1/2 the country. The list goes on.

No matter which puppet is in office (south park- the giant douche or the turd sandwich), we will still work, pay taxes, and complain about the hassles of homeland security and the dismal economy. What you receive from one candidate in tax rebates is mitigated by higher prices at the pump, higher costs of healthcare, and a higher tax rate for your kids. The rest of the world will still despise us- Bush is re-elected and we are stubborn; Kerry wins office and we are a bunch of wafflers. There are no definitive answers to problems in which you employ only one solution because it is only possible to observe one outcome. All viewpoints are correct; all viewpoints are wrong. Precisely why politics is known as a "soft" science. You can spend a lifetime arguing the pros and cons of either.

I don't mean to sound like a cynic as much as a realist. Any attempt to right the economy, sure up entitlement benefits, and protect Americans from the evil jihadists is very similar to coastal towns attempting to control beach erosion. There are various tactics one can implore- build jetties, dredge sand onshore, or even bury artificial reefs. No matter how long you delay the inevitable- the natural ebb and flow of the tide (ie the natural course of events) eventually erodes away your precious tanning real estate.

Bush won the election because his ideologies are in tune with the majority of the public. Polling data tells us the most important issue to the majority of Americans is morality (or lack thereof), and Karl Rove did a masterful job of demonizing gays and bringing out the anti-gay vote. From their alienation of gays to pandering the religious right's opposition to stem cell research, the success in garnering a pro-segregated vote is quite disturbing. It astounds me to think eight states voted to deny relationship rights to gay couples. The moral (if you can call it that) majority prevails...

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